“Higher education is an activity sector that hasn’t changed a lot since its creation”. This is a statement that everybody has heard at least once in his life. Currently, the activity of universities, business schools and other higher education institutions, as well as other types of institutions, have changed a lot more than in the past years, and in a short time lapse. Changes have involved not only the academic activity but also managerial. Covid-19 has been a challenge for higher education institutions but it also has been an enormous opportunity to go beyond the classical education methodologies. 

Since mid-March, when confinement started in Spain, UPF BSM has taken actions with three different goals. First, to continue delivering the best education services to our students. Trying to guarantee the best quality standards in this unexpected situation. Second, to provide technological solutions and training to the academic staff to facilitate their transition from face-to-face to remote lectures. And third, to create the conditions that permitted the remote work of all our management staff, keeping them communicated and coordinated. 

Despite the Covid-19, we continue committed to generate positive impact in people, organizations and society. Therefore, we have increased our research and knowledge transfer activities such as webinars, studies, or articles. All of them focused on Covid-19. And, a new program called UPF BSM +, has been launched to offer some more advantages to our current students.

All in all, the essence of education maybe will be the same in the future, but the way we educate it certainly won’t be the same. I invite you to share your thoughts about it in the eucen seminar.

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