Carme ROYO, eucen, BE

The COVID-19 is a test for our society – it is stretching our endurance and strength. Big enterprises are losing millions. Small enterprises will resent this situation – a lot of them will have to close or engage in loans that will take years to clear out. Many individuals will face unemployment – will all be back to “normal” eventually? Maybe not. HEIs have move into total virtual teaching and learning in a matter of days, without previous preparation. But, what happens with NGOs and associations that depend on their activities and relay on their members to continue their work?

EUCEN is an association with 170 members from 36 different countries, mainly from Europe. The budget of our association is based on EU-funded projects, membership fees, events and consulting. Resources are normally tight and the annual objectives and the long term ambitions are large. But, what happens when one or more of the four pillars (projects, annual fees, events, consulting) collapse? How can an association fight to survive in times of crisis? What is needed? Who is involved?

The full paper will explain how EUCEN has faced the current situation, the measure that are being taken and will make a forecast on how things will have to work in the future, at least for the next year if not more. Will this crisis represent a challenge only? Or, oddly enough, will be an opportunity to re-think and re-design what we had in place until now?