Full Papers included in the eJournal of ULLL

The full papers accepted for the eJournal of ULLL have now been published in the eucen Studies website. You can visit the eJournal section and download the full vol 4 no 1 or download only the papers that you are interested to read.

Accepted Abstracts

Inside Out Design – Connecting with the Hearts and Minds of Adult Online Learners during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Sasha CROWLEY and Jenny GOOD. Brandman University, US
Reconfiguring a T&L centre to support the transition to emergency remote learning: Key findings from the IDEA centre, University of Minho
Manuel Joao COSTA, University of Minho, PT
Virtual Continuing Education Open Doors at University of Geneva
Ahidoba DE FRANCHI, University of Geneva, CH
Transforming to Blended Learning Using Experiential, Online Faculty Development
Leslie A CORDIE, Auburn University, US
Re-design the activities in time of Covid-19: virtual laboratories and internships
Roberta PIAZZA, University of Catania, IT
Learning to live with it: reflections on surviving critical times from Irish adult education
Derek BARTER, Maynooth University, IE
A new deal for online learning: Transformation of university lifelong learning
Tamer ATABARUT, Bogaziçi University, TR
Online learning during pandemic: students’ views
Jenny PANGE, University of Ioannina, GR
How can an association face critical change? The EUCEN experience across the COVID-19 crisis
Carme ROYO, eucen, BE
Philosophical Paradigm Shift in the System of Higher Education Caused by Pandemic and Transfer to Online Education
Katerina KABAKHIDZE, Lomonosov Moscow State University, RU
8 Critical Change Management Models and the development of digital competences in times of the Coronavirus crisis
Tina GRUBER-MUECKE, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, AT

Thanks to everyone who has sent an abstract!

Information for Authors 

Accepted Full Papers will be INCLUDED in an special edition of the eucen Studies eJournal of University Lifelong Learning [1]

The deadline to submit the full paper is 30 June 2020. The submitted full papers must follow the standards given in the eucen Guidelines for Paper Submission.

Full papers must address the individual recommendations given to each author by the Scientific Committee of the seminar.


The full paper should be in English and the authors should make sure that the submitted version has been edited for English style.

Please bear in mind when preparing your paper that you are addressing  an international audience, the majority of whom may not be familiar with your own country, let alone its educational system. Please avoid the use of acronyms and do not use expressions which relate to your local educational system without providing a contextualization. 

Scientific committee 

  • Ülle KESLI, Tartu University (EE) and Steering Committee of eucen
  • Juan Carlos RODRIGUEZ, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (ES) and Steering Committee of eucen
  • Seamus O’TUAMA, University of Cork (IE) and Steering Committee of eucen
  • Amy Claire HEITZMAN, Deputy CEO and Chief Learning Officer, UPCEA (US)
  • M Cecil SMITH, External Partners Chair, AAACE (US)

[1] This special issue will be prepared provided a minimum of 6 papers are received. In case there are not enough papers available, these cases will form part of the annual eucen eJournal of ULLL